Check out Workable’s 31 new integrations for 2019

2019 Partnerships Workable

And we crushed that goal, adding 31 new partners in 2019, including HackerRank (assessment provider that’s evaluated over 20% of developers), InfoMart (Workable’s first global background check provider), and CV-Library and Reed (top UK job boards). It’s been a busy year for the Partnership Team! Without further ado, here are our new partnerships for 2019: 




Background checks

We’re happy to announce that Certn, the fastest-growing background screening provider in North America, now offers record checks right in Workable in as little as 15 minutes. Connect to Certn.
InfoMart is Workable’s first global background check provider and an industry leader in identity screening. Conduct a background check with InfoMart.
Verified First conducts background screens with ease, helps make effective hiring decisions and simplifies your hiring process. Integrate with Verified First.




Job boards & candidate sourcing


Video interviews


More integrations coming soon

Workable automatically integrates with 70 HR providers, keeping all of your recruitment information in one place. From sourcing to converting candidates to successful hires, collaborate with your hiring team while candidate information stays secure. The Partnership Team is looking forward to what’s yet to come in 2020. 

Streamline your applicant tracking process

Move faster on a platform that automates the admin. From requisition to offer letter, Workable automates process and manual tasks.

Hire at scale

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