Community at Workable: Arriving July 2022

Industry consortiums.

Slack channels.

Your LinkedIn connections.

A panicked Google search and blind faith in the results.

There are likely a number of places you turn to when looking for insights in the ever-changing multiverse of talent identification and acquisition.

And while Workable has been your go-to ATS for making the functional part of your day a little bit easier, our service has historically stayed within the SaaS. It’s time to offer you something more.

Introducing: Community at Workable

Launching this July, Community at Workable will provide every single Workable customer unprecedented access to our industry-leading insights, product roadmaps, virtual events and – most importantly – a global network of your peers.

You will help shape the future of our product.

You will have the opportunity to get questions answered immediately by fellow Workable enthusiasts.

You will have exclusive access to thought-provoking webinars, customer success stories, and interactive sessions aimed at helping you grow in your role, along with the stage to showcase your wins.

And you will be connected to tens of thousands of folks who face similar challenges, to learn from each other and to conquer the hardships together.

The past few years have shown how essential talent professionals are to every organization in every industry around the world. Now, more than ever, a vast network of like-goaled individuals is invaluable to getting the work done. As a valued customer, it’s now part of your service.

Welcome to Community at Workable.

Shape the space + join the beta!

This is your opportunity to be one of the cool ones who were there first. Get notified once it’s live.

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