How to build a sustainable DEI strategy

In this webinar, we turned to DEI experts, Chikere Igbokwe, Executive Recruiter and Diversity & Inclusion Activist at Macmillan Davies, Siobhan Randell, Inclusion and Diversity Lead at WhiteHat, and ZeShaan Shamsi, Partner at The People Collective. They’ll walk us through how to launch and build a strategy that is sustainable for the future. They’ll break down where to start and will share actionable changes you can implement in your recruitment process and company culture right now. And bring your questions, we’ll leave plenty of time to ask the experts.

Tune in to hear the experts discuss how to:

  • Dive into quantitative and qualitative data across your sourcing channels, recruitment process and workforce
  • Identify immediate and long-term changes that your organization can take to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce
  • Generate buy-in from your leadership team and across your organization
Start fostering workplace diversity

Diversity is generally accepted as an asset to modern hiring teams and can help drive innovation and growth. Learn how to cultivate and foster diversity in the workplace.

Foster workplace diversity

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