Introducing anonymized screening: Encourage inclusivity

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has been top priority for our Product team this year. Early in 2020 we began developing a set of features aimed more directly at mitigating bias and creating a more equitable hiring process. 

Our latest DEI feature, anonymized screening, focuses on the initial screening stages of the hiring process. When enabled, anonymized screening obscures a candidate’s name, address and phone number from the Candidate Profile and CV in the sourced and applied stages of the hiring pipeline.

Workable helps companies in 100+ countries create a more inclusive hiring practice with diverse candidate sourcing, anonymized screening and structured interviewing. Stay tuned for more to come in 2021, including customizable post-application surveys, enhanced reporting and native cognitive and personality assessments. Let us help you diversify your employee base and grow your business.

Build inclusive hiring practices

Creating a safe and equitable workplace starts with hiring. That’s why we’ve developed solutions to cultivate inclusivity and support diversity at every stage of the hiring process.

Build inclusive hiring practices

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