Medical Records Clerk job description

Use this Medical Records Clerk job description to advertise your vacancies and find qualified candidates. Feel free to modify responsibilities and requirements based on your needs.

Medical Records Clerk responsibilities include:

  • Gathering patient demographic and personal information
  • Issuing medical files to persons and agencies according to laws and regulations
  • Helping with departmental audits and investigations

Job brief

We are looking for a Medical Records Clerk to join our team and oversee the organization and maintenance of patient records in our healthcare facility. 

Medical Records Clerk responsibilities include collecting patient information, issuing medical files, and processing patient admissions. 

Ultimately, you will work with a small team to ensure all patient records are current and organized. 


  • Distribute medical charts to the appropriate departments of the hospital
  • Maintain accurate records by following hospital procedures
  • Ensure patient charts, paperwork, and reports are completed in an accurate and timely manner
  • Keep all medical records confidential and protected
  • File all patients’ medical records and information
  • Supply the nursing department with the appropriate documents and forms
  • Complete clerical duties including answering phones, responding to emails, and processing patient admission and discharge records

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Medical Records Clerk or similar role
  • Advanced understanding of medical terminology and administration processes
  • Proficient in information management programs and MS Office
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Strong attention to detail with excellent organizational skills
  • Relevant training and/or certifications as a Medical Records Clerk

Frequently asked questions

What does a Medical Records Clerk do?

A Medical Records Clerk ensures the safety, security, and confidentiality of patient information. They work under immediate supervision to maintain files for both medical treatment as well as administrative data like insurance card numbers.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Medical Records Clerk?

A Medical Records Clerk will have many duties throughout the day, such as maintaining patient files and setting appointments as needed.

What makes a good Medical Records Clerk?

A good Medical Records Clerk must have excellent organizational skills since they are responsible for keeping patient records maintained in the healthcare facility. They must also pay close attention to detail, as they need to ensure all medical records are kept with minimal errors.

Who does a Medical Records Clerk work with?

A Medical Records Clerk will work with a small team to ensure patient information is organized, and they will retrieve patient information for Nurses and Doctors as needed.

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