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Use this Neurologist job description to advertise your vacancies and find qualified candidates. Feel free to modify responsibilities and requirements based on your needs.


Neurologist responsibilities include:

  • Diagnosing complex medical problems by referring to a patient’s history, examining them and conducting neurological tests
  • Counseling patients on neurological disorders and their background
  • Ordering neurological tests and interpreting the results of neuroimaging studies

Job brief

We are looking for a Neurologist to join our team and use their expert knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and the central nervous system to help our patients receive the best health care possible at our organization. 

A Neurologist’s responsibilities include diagnosing and treating disorders of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system. This requires a Neurologist to order tests and evaluate results to provide proper care to their patients. 

Ultimately, you will work with a team of other Doctors to understand patient needs and provide the right treatment within a high-stress environment.


  • Prescribe and/or administer treatment and medication related to neurological disorders
  • Monitor the behavioral and cognitive side effects of treatment and medication
  • Order supportive care services for patients
  • Participate in neuroscience research activities
  • Liaise with medical professionals in the community and other hospitals

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Neurologist or similar role
  • Fantastic counseling and listening skills
  • Superb organization and time management
  • Excellent decision-making and communication skills
  • Expert research experience
  • Outstanding practical and diagnostic expertise
  • Proficiency in management and leadership
  • A degree in medicine and osteopathy is required

Frequently asked questions

What does a Neurologist do?

Neurologists are specialists who treat diseases of our central nervous system, which includes both the brain and spinal cord.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Neurologist?

A Neurologist will have many duties depending on where they work, but they typically focus on diagnosing and treating patients, developing treatment plans based on the needs of their patients and prescribing medicine to help manage various diseases.

What makes a good Neurologist?

A good Neurologist must be an expert in the medical field since they deal with complex issues concerning the brain and nervous system. They must also have excellent communication skills, as they work with other medical professionals to address the needs of their patients.

Who does a Neurologist work with?

A Neurologist works with a number of medical professionals throughout the day, such as Nurses, to ensure their patients receive proper care.

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