Reviewer Credits and Science Open cooperate to make Peer Review visible

Reviewer Credits and Science Open cooperate to make Peer Review visible

Reviewer Credits, the global expert network that makes peer review visible and helps researchers get recognition for their work, is now partnering with ScienceOpen to make Peer Review visible and highlight its importance in the publishing landscape.

With a unique infrastructure for open post-publication peer review, ScienceOpen works with the research community increase scientific rigor and make an impact.

Together, both companies will highlight research articles in ScienceOpen’s database that have been reviewed by Reviewer Credit members. Moreover, the reviewer status from Reviewer Credits, will be now reflected in Science Open’s user profiles.

Peer review as the central mechanism of quality control in scholarly publishing is of central value to academics. Recognizing researchers for their important contribution to a functioning publishing ecosystem is vital to keep it functioning.

Dr. Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen

Reviewer Credits is the global network that recognizes and rewards the vital contribution peer reviewers make to scientific publishing. The Berlin-based sciencetech company collaborates with international publishing houses and research institutes and is home to more than 25,000 reviewers.

Making peer review visible on as many articles as possible is the best way to remind researchers of its importance. In an environment where manipulated peer reviews are a growing concern, we want to make a positive contribution through labelling scientific self-control.

Dr. Sven Fund, Reviewer Credit’s Managing Director.

Peer Review on ScienceOpen

At ScienceOpen we have been developing infrastructure for open peer review for nearly 10 years because we believe that it increases transparency and trust in science. Over the years we have continued to explore open peer review tools and workflows to support preprint management, post-publication review, and the creation of open access journals based on open peer review.

On our About Page, we explain shortly how the peer review process functions on ScienceOpen and what some of the benefits for our reviewers are. Discover more about Review on ScienceOpen.

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From promotional collections to full publishing capabilities, ScienceOpen provides a wide range of services to academic publishers, researchers, and users in an interactive discovery environment of over 80 million records. Stay tuned while we extend and operationalize our collaboration with Reviewer Credits!

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