School Bus Driver job description template


Use this School Bus Driver job description to advertise your vacancies and find qualified candidates. Feel free to modify responsibilities and requirements based on your needs.

School Bus Driver responsibilities include:

  • Being attentive to traffic and weather conditions and ensuring passenger safety
  • Following the planned route and schedule for departure times and stops
  • Regularly checking vehicle safety such as tires, brakes, turn signals and mechanical equipment

Job brief

We are looking for a School Bus Driver to join our team to transport students to and from school and extracurricular events following a scheduled route while ensuring student safety. 

A School Bus Driver’s responsibilities include ensuring that their vehicles are in good shape and observing safety and traffic rules while on the road with students traveling across town.

Ultimately, you will ensure proper vehicle maintenance and observe traffic rules and maintain order with passengers on the bus.


  • Transport children and other passengers to and from school
  • Obey all traffic laws to ensure students arrive to their destination safely
  • Maintain a clean and mechanically sound bus at all times
  • Ensure the safety of all students when entering and leaving the bus
  • Assist students with getting on and off the bus as needed
  • Engage with students as they enter and leave the bus

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a School Bus Driver or similar role
  • Clean driving record with no at-fault accidents or traffic citations within the last five years
  • Two or more years of experience working with children preferred
  • Ability to carry out assigned route on time
  • Must have a Commercial Driver’s License

Frequently asked questions

What does a School Bus Driver do?

The School Bus Driver is in charge of ensuring that children are safe during their commute to and from school. They make sure students board, assist those with disabilities and ensure the safety of students while on the bus until they reach their final destination.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a School Bus Driver?

The primary responsibility of a School Bus Driver is to follow the traffic laws and respect other drivers on the road to ensure students arrive safely to their final destination. School Bus Drivers need to stay alert while driving to avoid accidents with other vehicles on the road.

What makes a good School Bus Driver?

A good School Bus Driver must be patient, attentive and have excellent decision-making skills to make fast decisions in a high-stress environment.

Who does a School Bus Driver work with?

A School Bus Driver typically works alone on their bus, but they communicate with other education professionals like Teachers, Principals, and Dispatchers to ensure they follow the correct route. They may also engage with students on their bus.

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