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The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich with Dave’s Killer Bread Epic Everything Organic Breakfast Bread!! Loaded with bacon, avocado, a chili oil egg, lettuce, tomato and more, this sandwich is so good! 

Watch me make it here.

Disclosure: This recipe is posted in partnership with Dave’s Killer Bread. 

There’s something so satisfying about a breakfast sandwich. The bread, the egg, the bacon, the condiments. I love taking that first bite and getting a little of everything. The best bite! Now, during the week, I don’t eat a big breakfast and honestly, it’s usually breakfast on the go Monday through Friday but when the weekend rolls around, we love sitting down at the table and enjoying a good meal. 

If given the choice, I will always go savory for breakfast. Eggs, a sandwich, breakfast tacos, you name it. A sandwich would be my first choice. 

For me, a sandwich is all about what kind of bread you use. Sure, what you put inside matters but if the bread’s not good, the sandwich won’t be. 

Enter: Dave’s Killer Bread Epic Everything Organic Breakfast Bread!! It’s so delicious! Packed with 9 grams whole grains per serving, 4 grams of protein, bold everything flavor with killer topping including flax, chia, sesame, poppy seeds, garlic and onion and ALA omega-3’s! It’s so good! I love everything bagels so when I saw this bread, I knew I would love it. It’s so flavorful and delicious!

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

What makes this sandwich ultimate? The bread for one, the chili oil egg, the bacon, and the freshness from the avocado, lettuce and tomato. This seriously covers savory, salty, spicy and has great texture. The crispy bacon, the delicious toasted bread, the soft avocado and tomato. It seriously has everything. 

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Prep Time5 mins

Cook Time15 mins

Total Time20 mins

Course: Breakfast

Cuisine: American

Keyword: breakfast, breakfast sandwich

Servings: 2


  • 4 to 6 slices thick cut bacon
  • chili oil
  • 2 large eggs
  • salt and pepper if desired
  • 4 slices Dave’s Killer Bread Epic Everything Organic Breakfast Bread
  • tomato slices
  • lettuce or baby spinach
  • 1 ripe avocado sliced
  • mayonnaise
  • spicy mayonnaise or hot sauce


  • Using a large skillet or pan, cook the bacon over medium-high heat until crispy. In the separate skillet over medium high to medium heat, add about a teaspoon or two of chili oil, spread it out a little and crack an egg on top. Repeat with the second egg. Season with salt and pepper if desired. Cover with a lid and let cook until the whites are set.

  • Remove the bacon from the skillet and onto a paper towel lined plate. In the same skillet with the bacon fat, add your bread slices and toast on each side until golden brown.

  • To assemble your sandwich: spread condiments into the toasted bread and lay in the tomato slices, lettuce or baby spinach, avocado, the crispy bacon and top the other bread slice with a chili oil egg. Repeat the process and make the second sandwich. Serve and enjoy!

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